Costume Ideas

October 20, 2013

Costume predictions for 2013


We, at Mystique Costumes have certain predictions for Halloween costumes in

Dubai 2013. With all the successful TV shows and movies released recently, there are certain Halloween costume ideas that would be super for the season, and with one of the leading online costume shops in Dubai and the region, you can build your fancy dress ideas to your liking!


With the season finale of Breaking Bad being so fantastic, we assume that Walter White may be a wonderful character to dress up as for your Halloween parties in Dubai. All you need is some facial hair, a pair or glasses, a super cool fedora or gangster hat and a checkered button up shirt.


Other great Halloween costume ideas are Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones for the men and Sersei Lannister for women’s costumes. We have some wonderful historical costumes that you could use to dress up as them.


These are just a few fancy dress ideas for you to think about. Stay tuned for some more so we can bring you the best Halloween costumes in Dubai from your leading online costume shops in Dubai! All you have to do is decide: Who do you want to be today?


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